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My Clients

Do you belong with Alan C. Cuthbertson, CPA?

As a Business Client...

Although my business clients vary greatly in the types of products and services they provide, they do share common characteristics. The majority are small companies who desire personalized service on an individual level. They often find themselves swamped with the “in and outs” of running their business on a daily basis and have little time to concentrate on their bookkeeping and financial duties. They find that they often need a sounding board for their business decisions and may feel “lost in the crowd” when served by larger accounting firms. Many need confidential assistance with administering payroll or completing required governmental reports. Frequently, my clients are their business and they expect year round accessibility and timely response to inquiries. They want a firm with professional, yet friendly personnel who can truly relate to their challenges and opportunities as a small business owner.

As a Tax Client...

While the tax clients at Alan C. Cuthbertson, CPA are as diverse as the business clients, they too share basic wants and needs. My tax clients demand the expertise and confidence that only experienced financial professionals can provide. They appreciate the value of diligence and the accuracy of attention to detail. They expect the complexity of their return to dictate their billing, not the number of pages. My tax and accounting clients depend on my office to stay abreast of ever-changing tax laws. They need the accessibility of local staff and the availability of year-round services. If you are looking for integrity, value and expertise, perhaps you belong with us at Alan C. Cuthbertson, CPA. Give me a call.